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This is my secret too.. SHHHH!


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 Customize your own case with ASUS Zenlooks!
Have you created your own case before? Like the #DIY cases because the case that you want is not available? No more to scissors, pen, paper and ruler this time and visit Asus Facebook Page (click it). Read the terms and conditions first before you join! Contest Period: November 9 to December 6, 2015

Here is the story behind of my design: My customized case was inspired by a traveler. Colored with Black and White because it is flexible with any style and the photo I used also came from my gallery. I know people wanted to cope up with stress and just wanted to escape from all the work loads. So for me, if ever my design gets chosen and will be printed for the limited edition of ZenFone 2 case, my suggestion to them is to flip the phone for a moment and be in this scenery. Imagine where you want to go with this picture and inhale; exhale the fresh air. Birds chirping with ocean waves and best part is wearing your #ootd. This design is not just for a summer vacation. This customized case is for the people who wants to have a quick dip escaping stress.


Giving Love ; giving gifts on X-Mas day! 


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November 20, 2015

I captured the precious growing months of Leon, my first nephew. It is my honor of being his photographer from his 1st month to his birth date. It made my world wonderful since I was also able to witness his new skills, his smile, and the first time when he called me on my nickname "Jonjon". Taking photos of him is also a challenge for me because sometimes he moves a lot but it made improvements of my photography. I already know how to play with the lights, angles and know how to improve colors from the photos I took.


November 19, 2015

Made perfectly for you!


November 18, 2015


@I N S T A G R A M

November 17, 2015

#instagramable #photography #nikon


November 7, 2015

I had fun!!! Deliciously Fun!!!! Woo!


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November 3, 2015

Thanks Sample Room for sending these!

I received two (2) Silka Shea Butter and two (2) Silka Citrus. I tried using Silka Citrus first and I liked it! After applying the Silka Citrus lotion, it dries quickly. It is light for the skin, not oily and long lasting scent. 


October 30, 2015

Best light or the natural light is also the photographer's best friend. 

TOP 4 | M A C A U

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October 27, 2015

Recently this year, we just went out of the country. We went out of the country April 2015 and I already miss traveling. I miss the feeling of riding and chilling in an airplane. Just watching the clouds, nothing to stress about and just to unwind. Once tasted, always wanted as they say. That was also my first international flight and apparently from my instagram @hey_its_maannny, I have always been posting all throwback photos when I visited the first country. So, I opened a conversation to Mama about traveling again.


October 17, 2015

I am a little bit stressed and frustrated that I was not one of the applicants who made the cut for the available HIGHER position in the office. Maybe it was not really for me. Not this time yet. I'll just think that somethings might be the best position for me soon. Life must go on, things didn't change since I'm already a regular employee in the office though.

From the days back that got me so stressed, I got a lot of acne, and when they healed, they'll leave brown acne scars. Now I was thinking that all of the bad things are happening to me. Acnes were starting two weeks ago already when I rendered over time working in the office and until I posted my previous blog about having a BUSY WEEK. Having acnes really reduces confidence, like during the photo was taken from the previous blog, I already got the scar, like the scar's attention was like having a photo bomber for me. That is so exaggerated, but true.

THE ACNE SCARS BOW. GRRRRR. from my previous blog BUSY WEEK


October 10, 2015



October 1, 2015



Hello guys and Hello October!! I really wonder why most people always say to every first day of the month.."PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME".


September 29, 2015

Light ORANGE or sometimes light RED. Who else doesn't enjoy watching the sunset?


September 24, 2015

I used to wear slippers for short or long walks. I wear slippers most of the time since it is very comfortable and my feet can really breathe and doesn’t sweat. I always choose comfy slippers whether it is expensive or affordable slippers, it doesn’t matter to me as long as the quality is better and has a bit of fashion and that already makes me happy. However, when I experienced a very long walk wearing slippers last year, my feet was really dirty, easily got tired, and painful to take another step and I do not want to happen that again..


September 20, 2015


Lately, I just had the deliciouslyfun photoshoot again with this cute and handsome guy! Well he is now a guy because of his profession. He is a Chef! What are you cooking Chef?

This is his 10th month and this is his monthly photo. Every month, he have different costumes. From his 10th month, he can now stand on his own. He enjoys beating like playing drums and learning to speak. After the shoot, he cannot just get rid of the Lemon since it is light that he can just grab and throw it inside the bowl. Unlike with apple, it is heavier. 


September 16, 2015

When I knew that Kathryn is going to be the cover of the Preview Magazine, my mood was a bit different-EXCITED to grab the copy.

And FINALLY, the wait is over!

I like her style, beauty and her fresh look when she wears less makeup. I still like her though whatever she wears because for me, she is the Epitome of HIGH FASHION.

Honestly, I'm a FAN of her before but I'm not that expressive. Now, I will tell you that I am a BIG FAN of her since she was so young from the TV program-Krystala.

She played her role well as Bulinggit and I felt pity on her role because of the episode where I saw her first, she was bullied and good that our SUPERHERO Krystala saved her. It was a 2004 TV program and I was like 12 years old.

/I inserted the video from YOUTUBE for you guys can see the episode that I was referring./

**video not mine**

As I was reading the article about her, you know what I really thought?? SHE NO NEED A SUPERHERO.

She doesn't need a superhero in the industry because she is strong. She will shake it off  all the negative or hate comments posted on her INSTAGRAM account. Kathryn will just be Shaking it off like Taylor Swift does from her song and continue what she likes to do.

I knew she has a strong personality when she was starting in the business. I knew we have the same birth month and our horoscope is Aries. Aries men and women stand out no matter what.

Along with the Preview Magazine, there is a poster showing her other side. Now, I'm talking. I mean, look at her strong side. her alter ego? mmmmm better get the copy..

As an avid fan, I am happy that she reached success and where she is right now. All the expensive clothes and nice things are just deserved to be given to her. Aside of being strong, she has work ethic. She got skills and she got no attitude, she is lovable that why everybody likes  her so much.

Whether she is TsoknatMaya, Young Pilar, or Belle, or Young Anna Bella, Mara, Joanna, Jane Sanchez, Chichay Tampipi, Kelay, Jackie Serrano or whatever role she plays, I like her so much. Her personality is wider than the wide spread she has from Preview Magazine.

I mean, she is flexible and worthy to have the spread. She got class! P.S: How to have fresh face like hers? How to have like sweat free skin like hers? mmmmmmm I like to have one :( I wonder what her real skin secret....

Hope you enjoyed reading, love all the fans of Kathryn Bernardo. Comments and subscription will do.


September 13, 2015

I've been working in a BPO industry for 5 years already and still counting. I am working in the same company straight for over 5 years and of course that is without the absences that I had, sick leaves and vacation leaves.

Speaking of being sick, agents do usually experience back pain or neck pain. I do not know what is the right posture of using the computer that time I started the job. I felt like it was my good sitting position already but until I experienced back pain because of my posture when using the computer while taking calls.

It is really painful every after shift since I would be in my position for 8 hours.  Later within the shift, when I change to a different position or posture, I am starting to feel the pain in my back or sometimes in my neck.

It really distracts me from providing good service to the customer on the line because of the pain. Some of my co-workers will bring their pain relief patch so that the pain will not stop them from working. From the time I had the back pain, I immediately went to our company clinic since I do not want to suffer the pain. I am living in a fast pace, living in a fast track and I want a fast-effective medicine and I asked for Advil.

After the shift, I am able to go out with my friends and keep my lifestyle active.

No more previous routine like work-home-eat-sleep (to rest my back) and repeat.

New Routine: Work-friends-home-eat-sleep and repeat. It lessen the back pain more because I followed the correct posture and had a good exercise too!

I can now continue giving good customer service and nothing will stop me from working. Salute to all call center agents! Where is the applause emoticon? (insert applause) HAHA

Keep your good posture guys!!!


September 9, 2015

       This was the place we had our snacks before we went home from Dapitan. We stayed at Chapter, A Book Cafe located in the Boulevard.


September 7, 2015

August 30, 2015 was the last day we stayed at Dakak Beach Resort and had also my last dip in the beach. I needed this since I have this allergy every morning. I keep on sneezing just do not know why. 23 years of existing already and had it checked but still sneezing. Only every morning though, so I had to dip!


September 4, 2015

As promised from the previous blog entitled FIRST AT DAPITAN, here are the photos  when we visited Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan. While waiting for the room vacancy, we were having a fun photoshoot. A deliciouslyFun photoshoot with the family especially when we first saw these views..


September 3, 2015

When I travel, first question that comes to my mind, where will I stay or where will I sleep? Second question will be--- is it affordable? I know you will be asking the same questions too if you are a traveler like me. Practically speaking, I just need an affordable hotel and comfy bed to sleep at night and that's it! I don't stay inside the hotel the whole day, I like to explore and discover the place that I am visiting too.

 I was just scanning public profiles in Instagram and reached to one public profile that thanked this online application in his photo caption. So I clicked the link on his bio and the name of the online application----see below:

I downloaded the application since I was interested of its name, This HotelQuickly application speaks for itself-- literally that can book a hotel quickly as what I have thought, so I did not hesitate to download the application. Also, it brought me back to the days before we visited Hongkong, it was just so difficult looking for an affordable hotel. It was a struggle for my family and me to search online for a hotel nearby the place where we wanted to stay. It is really hard for a first timer. NOW THAT I FOUND THIS ONLINE APPLICATION, it will be a great help for me and to all travelers exploring out there!

After I downloaded the application, the application gave me a promotional code that I can share to my friends. A discount code was given to me, but wait, to know more how the application works? click here!

As I am  navigating the application, it is much organized. These are the countries available where you can book a hotel:

I have not tried this online application yet since I am still sharing my code for me to get a free night stay. If you want to book a hotel hassle free, you can download this application and this is available in APP STORE AND ANDROIDS. If you already downloaded the application then good! I bet you know what I mean about sharing a discount code. See it first!

*photos are not mine, they came  from the HOTELQUICKLY 

*thoughts / words are solely mine.

First at Dapitan!

September 2, 2015

        Hello September!!! Sorry but, I cannot get over yet with August. Me and my family spent our long weekend at Dakak Beach Resort in Dapitan. We planned this family getaway since July to have our schedules fixed in August. Good that it was a long a weekend because of the holiday. I am a little bit worried that time because we were planning to have the family vacation by the last week of August and the weather may not be that good and I'm afraid that there might be a low pressure in the Philippines that our family getaway might be canceled. I am really catching the weather reports every night just to make sure everything will be fine, and when we reached that day, the weather was good!!! So let's get the ball rolling!!

Wondering some of the photos were blurry because while walking, we were taking photos. It was a fast-pace-tour like super in a hurry since the VAN services from Dakak Beach Resort was already waiting for us. The cam was not literally adjusted too, but I will still put it here in my blog since I feel this interesting. This is me. This is my world, living in a fast track!

We ate our breakfast in a local side kitchen and again we were in a hurry eating our breakfast since we need to go to the resort fast and to finalize the room we booked ahead through a phone call. If you also want to book a reservation at Dakak Beach Resort, click here.

However, the driver of the Van suggested that we visit JOSE RIZAL'S HOUSE and HIS LAB ahead and take few photos first and so that when we reach to the resort, we will just rest while waiting for the vacancy.

So here it goes....

Me and my family visited together JOSE RIZAL'S House and his Lab. After, we were heading to Dakak Beach Resort and from there it was a 15-30 mins ride to reach the resort.

From there, we started our short photoshoot while waiting for the room vacancy. I wonder there are no welcome drinks and others have... mmmmmmmmmmm, Anyway, photos will be on the next blog.. Stay tuned!!!

Coco Grove Beach Resort #tb

August 26, 2015

Hey, honestly I do not have something current to post, but I can post a throwback. This is not a regular throwback like an event that just happened a week before. This was when I had my vacation to Siquijor, last August 23, 2014. A year ago just passed, me and my family went to this very nice resort-- Coco Grove Beach Resort.

I took those photos above. Nice view right? I was taking the pictures when their crew showed us our room. I really miss going here. They are so accomodating.

Coco Grove Beach Resort offered affordable room rates. Check out their room rates, click this. What I like about the viand from their menu was the Chicken Cordon Bleu.. NamNam... Now I'm starving blogging. HAHA. That was the yummiest viand I have ever tasted!!! But hey, that was last year.. I do not know if there are changes on their restaurant menu.

Now, let us continue. Enough of the food... mmmmm.

After we placed our bags at our designated rooms. We were heading to the beach to relax, to unwind...

We were talking about our itinerary for the day and for the next day trip. My family planned to take a tour or a quick round trip in Siquijor. This is really the best place to forget all the work loads, getting away from being busy daily.

The activity that we already planned before was to take a family photo with a color theme and that was wearing WHITE shirts. Like any.. as long as it is color white.

We decided to wear white.. And yeah, it matches the resort's curtains but we are not affliated with this resort. We are only tourists. We just thought to wear white. Not advertising too. Just jamming with the family. And again it was planned a month before we arrived here. This was our first time visited SIQUIJOR in Coco Grove Beach Resort.

Of course, me... took their photos. But we had to take our breakfast first...

After the breakfast.. Take a look on our photoshoot preparation. Just working like a pro, they are really cooperating as to what has planned a month before that vacation. Kind a busy morning that time...

The 2nd photo was in the middle of the photoshoot already. This was the breaktime of me--being a photographer that day. Whew. HAHA enjoyed ever!!! 3rd photo was the best, a bit candid, no posing at all. JUST HAVING THE DELICIOUSLYFUN FACE!! JUST REALLY HAD FUN...

And hey hey hey, I cannot really get away with foods. I love food. I am a food guy. Like starves a lot. #burrrp Excuse me! HAHHA

After the activity on that day, we finished our dinner with candles on table and again.. with GOOD FOODS!!! #NAMNAM.

Hmmmm on the other hand, I never get tired of travelling, I do not mind if it is too far or near, for me this is my outlet, this is a better way to get a peace of my mind. But my travel is always on a budget whether I am with my family or with other companies, just be practical.. You can still save!

Heyyyyyy...I will be showing my few photos that I took when we had the photoshoot.

Stay Tuned!!

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