Coco Grove Beach Resort #tb

August 26, 2015

Hey, honestly I do not have something current to post, but I can post a throwback. This is not a regular throwback like an event that just happened a week before. This was when I had my vacation to Siquijor, last August 23, 2014. A year ago just passed, me and my family went to this very nice resort-- Coco Grove Beach Resort.

I took those photos above. Nice view right? I was taking the pictures when their crew showed us our room. I really miss going here. They are so accomodating.

Coco Grove Beach Resort offered affordable room rates. Check out their room rates, click this. What I like about the viand from their menu was the Chicken Cordon Bleu.. NamNam... Now I'm starving blogging. HAHA. That was the yummiest viand I have ever tasted!!! But hey, that was last year.. I do not know if there are changes on their restaurant menu.

Now, let us continue. Enough of the food... mmmmm.

After we placed our bags at our designated rooms. We were heading to the beach to relax, to unwind...

We were talking about our itinerary for the day and for the next day trip. My family planned to take a tour or a quick round trip in Siquijor. This is really the best place to forget all the work loads, getting away from being busy daily.

The activity that we already planned before was to take a family photo with a color theme and that was wearing WHITE shirts. Like any.. as long as it is color white.

We decided to wear white.. And yeah, it matches the resort's curtains but we are not affliated with this resort. We are only tourists. We just thought to wear white. Not advertising too. Just jamming with the family. And again it was planned a month before we arrived here. This was our first time visited SIQUIJOR in Coco Grove Beach Resort.

Of course, me... took their photos. But we had to take our breakfast first...

After the breakfast.. Take a look on our photoshoot preparation. Just working like a pro, they are really cooperating as to what has planned a month before that vacation. Kind a busy morning that time...

The 2nd photo was in the middle of the photoshoot already. This was the breaktime of me--being a photographer that day. Whew. HAHA enjoyed ever!!! 3rd photo was the best, a bit candid, no posing at all. JUST HAVING THE DELICIOUSLYFUN FACE!! JUST REALLY HAD FUN...

And hey hey hey, I cannot really get away with foods. I love food. I am a food guy. Like starves a lot. #burrrp Excuse me! HAHHA

After the activity on that day, we finished our dinner with candles on table and again.. with GOOD FOODS!!! #NAMNAM.

Hmmmm on the other hand, I never get tired of travelling, I do not mind if it is too far or near, for me this is my outlet, this is a better way to get a peace of my mind. But my travel is always on a budget whether I am with my family or with other companies, just be practical.. You can still save!

Heyyyyyy...I will be showing my few photos that I took when we had the photoshoot.

Stay Tuned!!


August 22, 2015

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August 20, 2015

It is his 9th month!!!! -guess who? Izeyah!!! Last week, he was celebrating his 9th month and I am glad to be a part of it. So.. as his Tito or Uncle, I took photos of him.. (the monthly photos continues)

Jenny(Izeyah's Mom), thought about an outfit like having him as a CHEF, or the famous movie of the month as ANT-MAN. Then, she ended up with the Blue SUSPENDERS,  lil' jeans, and a Blue hat.. Like the CHIPPENDALES OR Magic Mike... HAHA jk. Just like a grown up but still cute.. baby cute...

The first photo was a struggle since he will take off his hat. I decided to cheer him up while I am taking photos of him, and good he gave his all energy during the shoot. Hmmmm. I am used to multi-tasking...

*he already forgot the hat* weeee!

HI! I am Izeyah, and I can follow random words, I can also clap, can stand up and can crawl fast! I am still practicing walking.. :) I can also sit by my own too :)

Thinking the best outfits for your baby or theme? Just look on your wardrobe and it does not have to be expensive ;)

Mix-in..... Mix it all up!


August 18, 2015

Although it is Tuesday, I will go back from the time I had my injury last two years. I stumbled and got my knee dislocated. (DISLOCATION OF THE PATELLA) Hmmmmm and it was just 4 weeks before we will go to EL NIDO palawan and my right leg got a brace that will be removed... 3 to 4 weeks..

I never lose hope. On the 3rd week, I let the doctor removed the brace and he strongly suggested that I need to go under therapy since I cannot bend my right leg. I decided not to go because of my tour with my friends. So I walk and walk until I manage to fold my knee. So then, I recently recovered.. though cannot fully fold my right knee, I still went to EL NIDO PALAWAN.

Journey starts....

The photos have bad quality, NOT much like an HD since I used my Samsung Galaxy S3 that time since Mama forbid me to bring a digital Camera that time.

It was my very first time riding an airplane then the second time was going home. HAHA. jk. The second time when I went to HK. Anyway, while on board heading to PALAWAN.. I came to realize that... It is so nice to fly above the clouds, realizing how beautiful earth and nature was made and the SUN shines so bright. HAHA (emotional/feeling grateful/butterfly words)

But honestly, pressure above would really hurt my ears.. I was chewing a lot of gums still had the pressure inside my ears until we already landed to PALAWAN. :(

That was really my realization... HAHA.

By the time we arrived at the resort where we stayed.. I was immediately taking photos of the views near where we stayed. Those were the views in front of the (PENSION HOUSE) we stayed. They got free breakfast and first again saw a yellow watermelon. It was very sweet compared to the red ones.

There were different tours shown on the resort where you get to choose from. So we choose the tour that includes the Small lagoon, big lagoon and other things. You can go inside those lagoons, but I didn't since I can't walk and bend my legs that much, so I cannot swim too :(

I just stayed at the boat and take photos. I was not blogging that time but since my family is used for traveling, I am planning to encourage them to visit here again and this time I will swim and explore much of El Nido Palawan.

These were the foods that the resort included in our tour. This was the best part... EATING! Boating around island is quite starving, but I know swimming is more starving after..

So my friends, best friends, or officemates had a lot of these foods. Isn't too much of a pinoy style..  Kamay/kinamot/hands were used when we ate these.. Honestly, while I am blogging this, I am hungry. mmmmmmm Yeah, they are so mouth watering I should say.

PINOY STYLE!!! --Cebu style!!

Again, with the dessert, of the YELLOW watermelon. I was not able to take a photo since I was busy... chewing. HAHA.

After lunch, we had the last tour of this Island. Secret lagoon or something is secret here.

I was a bit worried this time since I have to bend my knee to fit inside. You have to cross the beach and good thing that it was not that high tide, the water was until my hips and too much control of the knee would really hurt that time.

But with travelling, no one or nothing can stop me...

That was the inside of the SECRET LAGOON. I screencaptured the photo since this was the photo I already posted from my Instagram @hey_its_maannny (follow me! ;))

Direct sunlight, I am there at the center wearing white shirt. Spotted from the direct sunlight. The water is from the beach, not that deep, it is sand inside, and I guess you call that clay rocks? or the type of rocks that seems dropping.. (comment for the terminology please and correct me If I am wrong-I am not sure for the clay rock)...

So we head back to our resort and had dinner to this longest steps and again.. Challenged my knee and NEVER LOSE HOPE. Slowly but surely I should say.. I reached the top!!

Not quite of a view to tell you, but they had delicious foods. I just ate pizza since I was very full that time. Listened to live bands..

Most of my friends heard about this PALAWAN'S BEST bakery known as BAKER's HILL Bakeshoppe. They are selling mouth-watering HOPIA and other mouth-watering delicacies..

So I brought mama 2 boxes, 1 for her and 1 for mine and other delicacies for my relatives.

I had so much fun of my journey or experience from the time I went to El Nido Palawan. I would suggest you stayed longer than 3 days. It is a PARADISE INDEED!!!

Exploring NIKON D5300

August 16, 2015

A photography enthusiast, what I really thought of it was having a high-end camera with high-end lens and is used taking the high-quality photos. Based from my little experience taking few photos using my NIKON D5300, it really takes a lot of patience and understanding using the camera.

The first time I used the camera, I used the EFFECTS since I do not know how to use the APERTURE. I do not know how to pop up the colors. The outcome of the photo from the option that I used, was too much light. The complexion became white and etc.. Not good to show.. hmmmmm.

As I have used already the camera many times, from bad and not so good photo quality, and studied the changes of each lights upon adjusting the camera settings, adjusting the opening of the lens and understanding the options of the camera.. paid off.

Here the shots or photos that I took...

It really takes skills than just using a high-end camera. It takes a lot of control..

I am not applying filters with these photos.
I already understand a bit using APERTURE..

How about you? Explore your camera now!!!


August 15, 2015

See the picture above? Those were the social media icons that I resized, that I arranged, although the photos aren't mine, but I placed them in my SIDEBAR in easy steps.

Icon Source: Google

Tools that you only need: Paint tool, and your Blogger NEW post page.

Paint tool- You can only find that straight to your desktop and laptop.
Blogger NEW post page, You will only be using the HTML tab for organizing the page, and will never be posting them. Save them for future use.

Here are the steps:

1. Find your preferred social media icons, any size will do. You can find it on google too, others can be found at other websites that can be downloaded for free. However, this procedure is hassle free!!

2. Once you have found your social media icons, save them, just right click, and save image as., then choose your folder where you preferred to save your icons.

3. After saving, open the icons from your PAINT TOOL, and open  them one by one, resize them, one by one.

See the pictures below:

4. First picture above  (below no.3), that is the example as to how to resize the icon using your PAINT tool to fit in your side bar. Honestly, you have to estimate how small your icons going to be and should match perfectly. If at first you have resized the icon too small, just press (ctrl + z) or to undo the previous size so that you can place your another estimated size.

5. Second picture above- that is the pop-up window where you will enter your estimated size of your chosen icon. You can just place the estimated size on the horizontal field, (do not change anything), the next field will just mirror as to what you have entered.

6. Final steps for resizing- save the resized icon. and breathe! HAHA

Steps to place the icons to your SIDEBAR, it is just easy, as I promise.

1. Open your blogger, login, enter your credentials, and create a new post, as if you are going to start a new blog. Remember, you are not going to post this. Only for future use, or you can just save it.

2. Choose the HTML tab and click Insert Image to insert your resized icons; see the photo below:

3. Reason why we choose HTML tab so that we can avoid spaces (for now) I know you need indention of your icons, but not for now, repeat the steps for every icon you want to insert. Upon inserting the icon, there will be a popup icon again, see the photo below:

It is about the alignment of your icons, just choose your preference, depends what you like....

4. After they are all inserted, you can see all of  the HTML/s written on the page, but it is OKAY! Just go to COMPOSE tab in order to see and adjust the spaces there. See the photo below.

5. To adjust, just use your space bar to apply indentions to your resized icons. After you give them spaces, go back to HTML tab, and copy the generated HTMLS.

6. Go to Blogger > Settings > Layouts > Sidebar > Add Gadgets > Choose HTML and Javascript > Place the title of the gadget and paste the COPIED HTML to the field and hit save!

Then it goes back to the first Image...

You can always make changes on your icons. Little changes, makes big difference. Apply that!


Comments or subscription will do! Enjoy!!!!

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