October 27, 2015

Recently this year, we just went out of the country. We went out of the country April 2015 and I already miss traveling. I miss the feeling of riding and chilling in an airplane. Just watching the clouds, nothing to stress about and just to unwind. Once tasted, always wanted as they say. That was also my first international flight and apparently from my instagram @hey_its_maannny, I have always been posting all throwback photos when I visited the first country. So, I opened a conversation to Mama about traveling again.

Now, here it is. I just woke up from my long deep sleep last October 25, 2015 and Mama gave me this itinerary receipt.

A flight to Singapore! I would like to thank Cebu Pacific Air for offering flight promos. From their promos and affordable flight fares, really helping my dreams coming true. I remember that I shared this to you that when we travel, Mama and I will always travel with the rest of the family.

Yes!! the rest of the family will go with us too and it will be everybody's first visiting Singapore! They have availed the promo and we are pretty excited where to go in Singapore. We will stay in Singapore not just 3 days, but 1 week!!!! 

I have been scanning, checking it on google where to go and their tourist spots that we can also visit.
I have heard the TrickEye Museum, Universal Studios and many more. We also planned to stay in Malaysia for two days!! While waiting for our fly day, we are planning what to wear, what to do, where to go... I enjoy planning with the family.. I'm sure all it'll be fun. Hope all is well.

Any idea where to visit in Singapore? Best spots?

I will be posting another photos soon when our fly day is near. Super excited here! 

'till next post.

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