Sweet 16

January 23, 2016

    April 19 2015, was the day I celebrated my sweet 16 in Hongkong Disneyland. It wasn't a gown wearing or slow dancing kind of birthday celebration. Rather, it was a celebration that contained screaming, laughing and a lot of walking. I know its all cliché and stuff but, celebrating my birthday in Disneyland was part of my bucket list, and now it's crushed out.


January 21, 2016

Despite the new rules this year, we still had fun and enjoyed every hour! We really could not follow all of the rules though but safe to say, we just went home early. We were drinking all morning until night and went home 2:00 AM. Oh well, that is early for me. Others were saying and been posting in the social media site that face painting was prohibited, but we could not resist. We were painting each others faces but exclusively to our group only. At least we followed one of the rules by not painting someone else's face. We did it last year though. HAHA it was fun and we already miss the old rules.


January 10, 2016

              Fellow bloggers, friends, future sponsors, future collaborators, Happy New Year! Welcome me in the blogging industry as you all welcome 2016. I'm pumped for this venture for I'm collaborating with my cousin who's currently holding the blog deliciouslyFun, who is also forcing me to do this blog lmao. But in all seriousness, I also wanted to have a blog. Hopefully soon, we will be merging our blogs as one which I am excited about.


January 1, 2016

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