March 25, 2016


Original Captured Flatlay *above photo is the edited*
Houndstooth Duo Strap Watch - 2401 by Zalora.com.ph
Black and White Strap Watch - 2401 by Zalora.com.ph

Original Captured Flatlay *below photo is the edited*

Tips as to how to make a successful flatlay: (Quick and Short)

1. Lighting
-Consider the best lighting to pop up the color from the things you want to capture from your flatlay. Lighting is very important to have minimal edits / photo enhancements. Turning on the lights would help if you are in a room or take a photo of your flatlay near to an open window or to an open area. Avoid shadow or reflection of yourself when you take the photo.

2. Brightness
-We cannot really force if the area or the room is really dark. If you have used the lamps or other office or reading lamps and the taken photo is still dark, increasing the brightness is the key. Full brightness from the photo editor can turn the colors from your photo into Pale. No worries! We are not yet done editing.

3. Contrast
-Adjusting the contrast can make the colors strong. Full contrast can exaggerate the color honestly, so just increase the contrast depends on your preference.

4. Sharpen
-To make the edges sharp. Literally it makes the edges on detail.

5. Photo Editor
-Choose the best photo editor. I consider Instagram's photo editor is good as well as the VSCO photo editor app. If you think you have the best photo editor, continue using it. The rest of the photo enhancements can just depend on your preference.

6. TAG
-If you are making a flatlay from the things you purchased from the online store, tag them with your beautiful flatlay before you post it from your Instagram. Just make sure you tag them to their correct Instagram account and only if the store where you purchased the items have Instagram account of course! They will surely recognize your photo and they can also share it and everybody is happy!
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'till next post!


  1. The final flatlay came out beautifully! Also loving this chic watch. :)


    Looks by Lau

  2. I adore taking flatlays, though haven't done too many recently on my Instagram until today! All of your tips are brilliant, lighting really does play a huge role in the appearance of a flatlay.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Thank you Gabrielle! I will be looking forward to see your flatlays!

  3. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it!


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