April 7, 2016

This is my friend and classmate Crystal, she is our model for our project in Arts which is Fashion Design. I already blogged about the first two which is the Casual and Classy look. Here is the title on that blog: The Lady Boss and The Flower Child (Clickable)

In the creative design, we had to choose between fantasy and science fiction. Right after we had to design the dress and make it. Stacey, my friend and classmate as well, designed and made the dress. Our groupmates also helped make the dress since we had to avoid waldrobe malfunctions. The shoot happened in school which is very funny because we were able to skip half of our english class. Well, our teacher allowed us anyway, as long we wouldn't be naughty. Our former PE teacher saw us doing the shoot and taught Crystal more poses which we are all thankful for. It was really hot outside when we had the shoot we had to hurry up because we were like being fried. We were all soaked in sweat lmao. Nevertheless, we all had fun during the shoot. It was quiet and there were only a few people passing by us which made the shoot even faster since there were less interruptions going on in the background.

The dress is made out of old clothing ang duct tape which we covered around the shirt and skirt. We also used wires for the necklace and for the lower part of the design. The make up was done by Maristella, and the hair style is done by Krizia, who both are my friends.

(All pictures were taken by me.) 

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