April 22, 2016


 Felt this lately:

1. Sad and feeling blessed.
2. Been a personal photographer for cousin Gee.
3. Excited to fly to Singapore.
4. Missing beaches. Wanted to swim and beat the heat.
5. Missing Hong Kong.
6. Cut hair for more edgy look for this upcoming Singapore travel.
7. Miss my long hair.
8. Diet for one day to fit in the medium-size shirts. Lol!
9. 6th anniversary for working hard.
10. Excited to travel with the family.

Although I haven't made any warning signs since this is a heavy photo blog, I hope you enjoyed my photos I took! To know more about my story, follow me on my Instagram @hey_its_maannny. You can also visit my photos at the bottom part of this blog! How about you? What have you felt lately?

'till next post!


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