April 5, 2016



Vacation Countdown
23 days to go for our Summer Vacation! The countdown I started gives this vacation more exciting. Me and my cousin can no longer wait to visit and stay in Singapore and Malaysia for a week. It is going to be a long day for us since we planned not to sleep and make the most out of it. Lol! Some of my friends who already visited Singapore told me that is going to be a 4-hour flight to Singapore. I'm bit worried since I do not know what to do during the 4-hour flight. Mama said to download one or two movies but movies are not enough for me to occupy a 4-hour flight. I was thinking listening to music, but my playlist from my phone is not updated. So last season! Duh! So I was thinking to download more movies instead.

As I went to search movies to download, good that I found an online sale from this famous online music shop that can access to millions of songs. I was so happy that I found the Spotify's online offer. However, I honestly got discouraged from their bad reviews and comments but that didn't stop me from subscribing their premuim offer that is on sale. I really wanted to try and for me, I will not believe those comments until I experience it or try any errors if there is. So then I subscribed to their premium online offer and I was really hoping that there will be no errors and I got my finger crossed, legs crossed and arms crossed! Everything's crossed. It is not that I did not trust the online app and I just took the risk and find out if the rumors were true but I love the quality of the song and can indeed access to millions of songs which I really like even before that I did not subscribe.

I FINALLY SUBSCRIBED TO SPOTIFY'S PREMIUM PLAN WORTH 9 PESOS for 3 months!   After the subscription, I found out that:

1. Can shuffle play
2. Can select random songs to play
3, Can select next for unlimited times
4. No more ads interruption
5. Can save songs for offline usage
6. I can do anything! Lol!


See the offer below! Avail now and it really fits the summer escapades especially to the remote areas where it doesn't have mobile data when we can save songs offline! Visit to see the terms and conditions.


I am really eager to subscribe their premium offer since it is very important in a 4-hour flight. It does really occupy the long hour flight while watching the clouds or helps you think what to do and keeps you on the mood!

Image from Spotify

On the other hand, while editing my photos before posting on my Instagram account, I saw their pop up message about their offer too! Virtual Supply Company is offering discounts to their filters which you can buy them with cheaper price! Without hesitation, I bought the filter that applies to minimal photos! This would really help my photos since I am an enthusiast of photography! Visit my Instagram profile too!


Minimalist Collection (VSCO)
Minimalist Collection *Image from VSCO
Minimalist Collection only costs PHP 102.31. 

How about you? Try to visit these online application and avail their online sale! Hurry!

'till next post!

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