April 19, 2016




It is really difficult to book a hotel where you can stay and unwind especially this summer. Hotels are always fully booked. Good that this application helps us to book a hotel room in a quickly manner! The company name says it all.. HAHA I know! As their previous update on the app, we could be able to book a hotel within a week already! For this new update, it is more a user-friendly app! As you go look for a hotel, it can really convince you to stay and book that hotel pronto!

The updated application's navigation design is well-organized. It gives service where you exactly want to go and what you want to see for a hotel room. Application menus are easy to use. 100% secured for booking a hotel. No worries of putting credit card numbers upon booking. For inquiries and bookings, there is still a live chat icon where you can contact one of the representatives from HotelQuickly and indeed they are providing an excellent customer service and gives satisfaction.

Besides from this new logo, there is also a new country added to the application and it is Japan! It is the 16th country on the HotelQuickly app! I'm always dreaming that someday I will visit Japan since I really wanted to walk on the snow. Lol! I wanted to see the Cherry Blossom in Japan! It is one of my travel goals and I hope I can visit the country soon! #travelgoals #mannyurgtravels

HotelQuickly is offering the best hotel deals and discounts. For the discount, you can also use my promotional code MURGA. See the details of the promotional code at the side of this blog post!


To unlock more information, please visit the HotelQuickly (clickablewebsite!
For me, the application is a #travelinspiration and #travelgoals.

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