Denim X Denim

June 2, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

It's been a while since Stacey and I partnered on a blogpost, and finally here is another collaboration! Summer is still here and we didn't go all out on denim otherwise we would end up in a pool of sweat since it's really hot and humid. Though I was wearing denim jeans, I didn't feel warm since the jeans are not made up of thick material and the top I had is just the right match to the jeans. 

We spent a good few hours getting ready at our place and most of the time were spent in talking   about a lot of things which ended up to us not noticing the time. Then we headed directly to Ayala and strolled in the mall for a little while. We had our photos taken first at the place near the chapel and after we went straight to the parking lot since the sun was starting to set and we had a little bit of lighting left. Everything went really fast just like our first shoot together, nonetheless we had a day full of laughters and gossips and not only Stacey was there, but Maristella aka Mars was there too. 

To know the other side of the story, head over to Stacey's Blog: The Curled Eyebrow 

Top - Parkmall
Jeans - Bershka
Sandals - Parisian
Watch - Guess
Sunglasses - Maristella's

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Watsons #HairGoals

May 24, 2017 SM City Cebu, Watsons

Remove your frown; wear the crown. | Don't worry, flaunt that crowning glory.

WATSONS | Healthy and Glowing Skin

May 20, 2017 SM City Cebu

Keep ourselves healthy and our skin glowing with our Watsons products!

Too much work, too much stress or too much exposure under the heat of the SUN or pollution can cause Saggy and Dry skin and unhealthy or weak body. Worry FREE as Watsons have a lot to offer for making ourselves and skin healthy and glowing from inside and out.

Watsons have a lot of products to help us in different ways of keeping our bodies healthy and keeping our skin glow. Watsons have MX3, COSMO Skin, COSMO Body, FiberMaxx and BELO.

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 Visit Watsons stalls at SM Northwing, SM Cebu City as they have FREEBEES too! Let's start keeping ourselves healthy and keep our skin glow before it is too late!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Watsons. Photos and expressed thoughts were ours unless stated.

Pre-Debut for Gee's Legality (Gallery)

April 30, 2017

It was a bright Saturday morning when we had this shoot. We all hoped for a lovely weather since that time it rained often. Luckily it was just a little bit foggy and sunny which ended up with me having sunburns and a tan. We had this shoot in West 35 Eco Mountain Resort, located in Balamban, Cebu.

Special thanks to Sir Jongz Loquinario for the gown and Jenny Pestano for being the HMUA.

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Can't Help Falling In Love (Movie Review)

April 25, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The movie Can't Help Falling In Love, that is starred by the famous Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla has its own twists and surprises. The cinematography and the acting was on point and a recommended romcom to watch. Jay and I both had good laughs from the movie, and it did show also a good lesson for not only people who are in a relationship but everyone.

Honestly, we have dislikes and likes about the movie. Just maybe that we are both single and the story is mostly pointing to their lives about getting married and getting into a new relationship. (HAHA) I should say that we are really surprised into their new roles and what we dislike about is their roles about marriage but of course, they have to grow. (no pun intended)

What we like about the movie that there is a huge twist. Roles given to the famous Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla suits them again. Each of them was really driving into comedy that we didn't expect that played their roles naturally. 

It is really a must-see movie and catch it on CINEMAS NOW Nationwide!

Tell us after what you think about the movie. 

How I Dealt With My Acne

April 1, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

I was in a stage where I was really stressed from school and that lead me from having acne. I also had only a few hours of sleep which is also another factor that caused me to breakout. Acnes were starting to appear when I was in 10th grade and it came back when I started 11th grade. I've been to several  Dermatologist. I've used a lot of acne medicines, acne creams, and even facials but still the acnes came back. My face had scars and marks from the acnes I had. Last November, my mother decided to bring me to Belo and had my acne treated there.

For the first two months, I had facials every two weeks and I've seen huge improvements. I still had breakouts but it wasn't as much as before. I also had to maintain the medicines that were prescribed by the doctor to me. All medicines were not to be taken orally but it is just to be applied directly to the skin. I still continue with the facials but I have it monthly now since I only breakout every once in a while unlike before. Right now, there's a few scars left but everyday I see improvements.

I am still diligently applying the medicines every morning and evening. The prices are not that expensive and it's quite the same if you go to your dermatologist which a plus, and their products are really effective. It did really make a difference to my skin and it helped tone down the number of breakouts and brightened the darkspots on my skin.

Remember to always put on your sunblock, especially now it's already summer to help protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.  It would help you to prevent sunburns, facial brown spots, discolouration, and even from getting wrinkles and aging. Also, if you have oily skin like I do, I suggest the use of gel sunblocks and also moisturizers or even lightweight products since it would make your skin less oily and prevents you from getting pimples.

This is not a sponsored post. I went to Belo on my own and products are also bought with our money. 
All of us have different skin types and our skins have different reactions to certain products. Always consult your Dermatologist upon doing such things to your skin.

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#MakeYourSummer with #WatsonsPH

March 29, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Make Your Summer Sexy, Colorful, and Sun-proof with Watsons!

Ngong Ping 360° Experience (Part II)

February 18, 2017 Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Welcome to Ngong Ping (walk with Buddha) !! 

This is the ticket we bought with the very huge discount! Special thanks to Tita Marivic who helped us look for a cheap round-trip cable car ride. At first, we wouldn't want to go to Ngong Ping since it was a bit pricey. I viewed the prices on their website and really can't afford to spend that much for just a ride. As I have read on other reviews, there are free buses who can take you back to the island but it will take one hour and a half or more to arrive back to the island. 

We took the risk of falling in line for two hours since there were plenty, again plenty of people buying tickets too. It was two hours of waiting and two hours was really "worth it".

While waiting, we saw food stalls near by the counter so we just grabbed few snacks and drinks. It was early in the morning around 8 or 9 AM and yet the line is super long!

On the other hand, few months past, a little background why "NOW" that we decided to post a blog. We were just all busy that we couldn't post a blog nor visit other blogs. I got so busy from work and Gee was so busy on her studies, pre-finals and projects. Now, we are starting to get back on blogging and realized that taking a hiatus from blogging for more than a month can really impact the traffic of our blog but it's okay. There are just things that we need to focus first in a certain time. 

Anyway, I'm going to show and tell you how were the things went when we experienced Ngong Ping 360°.  Speaking of the background, this is THE Background from Ngong Ping which should be posted in Instagram! 

(This isn't my shoes. It's my cousin's "Jacob" shoes.)
When you start to walk going to the Big Buddha, get your cameras ready because you can see statues and other instagrammable background. #postit! When you also go up, get your knees ready for plenty of steps before you reach the top with the Buddhas. Nevermind the numbness or the pain! I tell you, it 'll be really worthy! Exhale and inhale while you see the view on top!

This is the Big Buddha and the Sun! They both saying "Hi" as you go up!

And that is the end of the experience of Ngong Ping 360°. I hope you enjoyed the photos and put you into the experience too. If you wanna experience the breathtaking views and literally the breathtaking stairs, visit the Lantau Island! 

How to go to Lantau Island:

Please visit Ngong Ping website. (click here)

Cable Car service is suspended for approx. of 5 months from 9 January 2017 for the Rope Replacement Project. Ngong Ping Village remains open during this period. To ensure public safety and facilitate the project’s requirements, the Ngong Ping Rescue Trail is not open to the public during the replacement period.  - From Ngong Ping website.
Photos and words are all mine unless stated.
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