January 9, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Last year when we went to Hong Kong, that was booked since June 2016. We really have enough time to prepare our outfits, luggages and important stuffs to bring. We also have enough time to condition ourselves to be healthy for the upcoming family event and for the lots of walking going to the places we will visit in Hong Kong. I made a few preparation to myself in which I ate less since I couldn't close my jacket because of my tummy. Which means, less rice. *tsk. HAHA. The others were preparing their #OOTDs since they weren't still satisfied of what they bought from the earlier months after we booked our flight. Others were too busy of their work, making money to spend in Hong Kong. I then realized, what else I should prepare?

As I was scrolling FaceBook, I saw the Spotify's Ad that they are having a discount of P129 for 3 months. I subscribed to their promotion before which was P49 only for 3 months but then I cancelled my previous subscription from the Premium account since the payment will change to P129 monthly after the P49 promotion. 

Music is my therapy. I can relax with music and even sleep with music. So I subscribed again to a Premium account and organized my playlist. I was just mixing it with different genres in my playlist. Most of the songs in my playlist can boost up the mood, just not to be bored while on board. See my fave songs:

My organized songs were enough until I arrived at Hong Kong Airport. For me, this was the most worthy preparation and purchased since while the music was playing, I don't have to panic from turbulence. You should try it with Spotify!

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Headset - Forever21

New Year Vlog Part II

January 2, 2017

My mother saw a video on Facebook where a family played a game wherein someone is blindfolded and gets to pick a money. She wanted us to play this game as well but then she made a twist. There were only 20 Peso bills, 50 Peso bills, and  useless raffles. Everyone had their turns and had fun during the New Years. Click the video above and you would see how crazy and fun it got. (Credits to the one who made the game)

Happy New Years!
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Hotel Hopping in Macau (Gallery)

It is our second time visiting Macau and unfortunately we weren't able to visit The Parisian in there which is the newest hotel in Macau. Despite that, we still had fun visiting other hotels in Macau and it was all Christmas themed which is very festive and lovely. We had our morning rush that day, which made us look like locals in there because we were all in a hurry since we weren't in the right ferry terminal lol!

If you want to visit Macau while you're on a holiday in Hong Kong, book your tickets here for one-way and round trip tickets! 
Just make sure you've booked your ticket on the right and nearest terminal since there are differrent terminals in Hong Kong. Always take note on this since we got to the wrong terminal because we didn't know there was another terminal. Luckily we had an hour and a half to rush to the other terminal. 

Happy travelling!
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Ngong Ping 360° Experience

The first time we went to Hong Kong, we weren't able to visit the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island since it couldn't fit in our itinerary. Luckily, our aunts and their family wanted to go to Hong Kong but then they didn't want to travel on their own, so Jay's and my family agreed to go with them. We also hesitated going to the Big Buddha since it was a bit pricey, but then we were all given a discount with half the original price, back and forth tickets so we didn't refuse the offer and directly accepted it (big thanks to Tita Marivic). Then we experienced the wonderful, magical and breathtaking 360° experience in Ngong Ping.

There's this store just by the ticket stalls and I swear, you should try this drink since it would really refresh you from waiting and standing for a long time and this tastes really good.

These pictures were taken when we were still inside the cable car and it was very mesmerizing.

After 290482983 steps, we finally reached the top and they said to make three wishes as you get there, so we all  made three wishes. We actually planned on tossing coins to the Buddha and we had to gather coins and since I couldn't find any, I ended up using peso coins lol! Unfortunately, we weren't able to throw the coins because we still had to pay in order to really get inside.

If you're planning to visit HK sometime soon, do save up and visit the Big Buddha for it would really give you the best view of Hong Kong and it's also really worthwhile when you get there.

Happy New Year!
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theco-sins family

This is one of our highlights from 2016. We are so happy that we are almost complete in this trip. Others were busy working and was not able to plot their vacation leaves and some have other priorites scheduled already. Hope that our other family members can come next time with us when we travel this 2017. See our travel experiences below!

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 Video Created by: Gee
Song title: Shots Broiler Remix
Sang by: Imagine Dragons


Finally! We were able to see Penguins and Seals in Ocean Park Hong Kong!

It was freezing cold while watching these Penguins. I am really amazed how fast the Penguins swim. I really thought that I could just see them in Disney Channel movies or in Cartoon Network or maybe in an animal channel like National Geographic. I only knew before that they are fast swimmers from reading an article from the school library or from the cartoon movies. Watching them personally is fascinating and trully am amazed as to how they swim smoothly. 

On the other hand, we explored the other side of Ocean Park and the Seals swimming too. From the previous post, we get to see the two Seals cuddling each other. *sigh too sweet!! In this post, see them up close! (literally) HAHA


From the other side of Ocean Park, we can see the Arctic Fox. We weren't able to see if he or she has a name but he/she got a playmate too. Other foxes were sleeping but these two were wide awake and playing.

 Discover more what's inside the Ocean Park in Hong Kong by booking a flight now and buy a ticket to Ocean Park! 

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