January 9, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Last year when we went to Hong Kong, that was booked since June 2016. We really have enough time to prepare our outfits, luggages and important stuffs to bring. We also have enough time to condition ourselves to be healthy for the upcoming family event and for the lots of walking going to the places we will visit in Hong Kong. I made a few preparation to myself in which I ate less since I couldn't close my jacket because of my tummy. Which means, less rice. *tsk. HAHA. The others were preparing their #OOTDs since they weren't still satisfied of what they bought from the earlier months after we booked our flight. Others were too busy of their work, making money to spend in Hong Kong. I then realized, what else I should prepare?

As I was scrolling FaceBook, I saw the Spotify's Ad that they are having a discount of P129 for 3 months. I subscribed to their promotion before which was P49 only for 3 months but then I cancelled my previous subscription from the Premium account since the payment will change to P129 monthly after the P49 promotion. 

Music is my therapy. I can relax with music and even sleep with music. So I subscribed again to a Premium account and organized my playlist. I was just mixing it with different genres in my playlist. Most of the songs in my playlist can boost up the mood, just not to be bored while on board. See my fave songs:

My organized songs were enough until I arrived at Hong Kong Airport. For me, this was the most worthy preparation and purchased since while the music was playing, I don't have to panic from turbulence. You should try it with Spotify!

'till next post!

Headset - Forever21

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