Hotel Hopping in Macau (Gallery)

January 2, 2017 Macau

It is our second time visiting Macau and unfortunately we weren't able to visit The Parisian in there which is the newest hotel in Macau. Despite that, we still had fun visiting other hotels in Macau and it was all Christmas themed which is very festive and lovely. We had our morning rush that day, which made us look like locals in there because we were all in a hurry since we weren't in the right ferry terminal lol!

If you want to visit Macau while you're on a holiday in Hong Kong, book your tickets here for one-way and round trip tickets! 
Just make sure you've booked your ticket on the right and nearest terminal since there are differrent terminals in Hong Kong. Always take note on this since we got to the wrong terminal because we didn't know there was another terminal. Luckily we had an hour and a half to rush to the other terminal. 

Happy travelling!
'till next post!


  1. The European and Asian feel of this country is what makes it beautiful. Hopefully, I can visit Macau soon. :)

    1. When you do, visit the Parisian, it's even better!

  2. I love the last pic. I wanna eat it!

  3. The shoes I just saw were sparkly and probably super expensive! I wonder who would buy those?

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