New Year Vlog Part II

January 2, 2017

My mother saw a video on Facebook where a family played a game wherein someone is blindfolded and gets to pick a money. She wanted us to play this game as well but then she made a twist. There were only 20 Peso bills, 50 Peso bills, and  useless raffles. Everyone had their turns and had fun during the New Years. Click the video above and you would see how crazy and fun it got. (Credits to the one who made the game)

Happy New Years!
'till next post!


  1. This post gave me an idea that my family and I should have games next year. Hahaha. Mingaw kaayo among NYE every year.

    1. It's always not a bad idea to have games during the new years! Hahah!

  2. Cool game. I wanna make a variation as an inuman game. ;)

  3. Wow there's a part 2! We need more and more games like this!


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