Ngong Ping 360° Experience

January 2, 2017 Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

The first time we went to Hong Kong, we weren't able to visit the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island since it couldn't fit in our itinerary. Luckily, our aunts and their family wanted to go to Hong Kong but then they didn't want to travel on their own, so Jay's and my family agreed to go with them. We also hesitated going to the Big Buddha since it was a bit pricey, but then we were all given a discount with half the original price, back and forth tickets so we didn't refuse the offer and directly accepted it (big thanks to Tita Marivic). Then we experienced the wonderful, magical and breathtaking 360° experience in Ngong Ping.

There's this store just by the ticket stalls and I swear, you should try this drink since it would really refresh you from waiting and standing for a long time and this tastes really good.

These pictures were taken when we were still inside the cable car and it was very mesmerizing.

After 290482983 steps, we finally reached the top and they said to make three wishes as you get there, so we all  made three wishes. We actually planned on tossing coins to the Buddha and we had to gather coins and since I couldn't find any, I ended up using peso coins lol! Unfortunately, we weren't able to throw the coins because we still had to pay in order to really get inside.

If you're planning to visit HK sometime soon, do save up and visit the Big Buddha for it would really give you the best view of Hong Kong and it's also really worthwhile when you get there.

Happy New Year!
'till next post!


  1. Ka nice sa Ngong Ping oyy.. I would love to see the Big Buddha in person jud. I can see that your shots are great, but I would love to see the real beauty in person. :)

    1. Thank you and make three wishes when you get there soon!

  2. This is another must go in HK. I hope I can come back their within the next 2 years. Suya ko!!!

    1. Visit during winter season hahah! It's even better with a cold weather.

  3. The views there are AMAAAAAZING! I wanna go to Hong Kong so bad naaaa!


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