January 2, 2017 Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Finally! We were able to see Penguins and Seals in Ocean Park Hong Kong!

It was freezing cold while watching these Penguins. I am really amazed how fast the Penguins swim. I really thought that I could just see them in Disney Channel movies or in Cartoon Network or maybe in an animal channel like National Geographic. I only knew before that they are fast swimmers from reading an article from the school library or from the cartoon movies. Watching them personally is fascinating and trully am amazed as to how they swim smoothly. 

On the other hand, we explored the other side of Ocean Park and the Seals swimming too. From the previous post, we get to see the two Seals cuddling each other. *sigh too sweet!! In this post, see them up close! (literally) HAHA


From the other side of Ocean Park, we can see the Arctic Fox. We weren't able to see if he or she has a name but he/she got a playmate too. Other foxes were sleeping but these two were wide awake and playing.

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'till next post!


  1. Those arctic foxes are really cuuuute!

  2. I want a penguin as pet! Hahahahah

  3. Yaaaaay! More Ocean Park photos! I wanna have a penguin as a pet but that would be bad for their welfare.


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