Ngong Ping 360° Experience (Part II)

February 18, 2017 Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Welcome to Ngong Ping (walk with Buddha) !! 

This is the ticket we bought with the very huge discount! Special thanks to Tita Marivic who helped us look for a cheap round-trip cable car ride. At first, we wouldn't want to go to Ngong Ping since it was a bit pricey. I viewed the prices on their website and really can't afford to spend that much for just a ride. As I have read on other reviews, there are free buses who can take you back to the island but it will take one hour and a half or more to arrive back to the island. 

We took the risk of falling in line for two hours since there were plenty, again plenty of people buying tickets too. It was two hours of waiting and two hours was really "worth it".

While waiting, we saw food stalls near by the counter so we just grabbed few snacks and drinks. It was early in the morning around 8 or 9 AM and yet the line is super long!

On the other hand, few months past, a little background why "NOW" that we decided to post a blog. We were just all busy that we couldn't post a blog nor visit other blogs. I got so busy from work and Gee was so busy on her studies, pre-finals and projects. Now, we are starting to get back on blogging and realized that taking a hiatus from blogging for more than a month can really impact the traffic of our blog but it's okay. There are just things that we need to focus first in a certain time. 

Anyway, I'm going to show and tell you how were the things went when we experienced Ngong Ping 360°.  Speaking of the background, this is THE Background from Ngong Ping which should be posted in Instagram! 

(This isn't my shoes. It's my cousin's "Jacob" shoes.)
When you start to walk going to the Big Buddha, get your cameras ready because you can see statues and other instagrammable background. #postit! When you also go up, get your knees ready for plenty of steps before you reach the top with the Buddhas. Nevermind the numbness or the pain! I tell you, it 'll be really worthy! Exhale and inhale while you see the view on top!

This is the Big Buddha and the Sun! They both saying "Hi" as you go up!

And that is the end of the experience of Ngong Ping 360°. I hope you enjoyed the photos and put you into the experience too. If you wanna experience the breathtaking views and literally the breathtaking stairs, visit the Lantau Island! 

How to go to Lantau Island:

Please visit Ngong Ping website. (click here)

Cable Car service is suspended for approx. of 5 months from 9 January 2017 for the Rope Replacement Project. Ngong Ping Village remains open during this period. To ensure public safety and facilitate the project’s requirements, the Ngong Ping Rescue Trail is not open to the public during the replacement period.  - From Ngong Ping website.
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