We're back!

December 9, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Yaas! Literally, back!

We just went through difficult time management and until we haven't both visited our blog to work a new blog. We were both busy of our careers. I'm focusing on my Becoming Web Developer career and Gee's busy to become an honor student.

I did not just take the short course to become a Web Developer but focusing on my progress at work and took the Six Sigma. Have you heard about it? For me, a strategic concept of being an effective leader. It was hard since there was an assessment and certification to go through. I went through leadership sessions before taking up Six Sigma.

We were so focused until Gee and I haven't talked about posting another blog and we really concentrated the other side of our careers. Luckily, we haven't reached to the point wherein we want to give up blogging. We visit sometimes our website and somehow miss posting new blog and inspired of other's success from their blogs and events.

We miss attending events! :(

From months and months of not posting new blogs, this blog is in the draft for quite a long time. We went family vacation, visited Bantayan to unwind a little and planning a family vacation to Japan. This year, we just spent our vacation from one island only. Attended wedding and back to business. Each of the family focused to their own careers. 

Now, I graduated from Web Developer and waiting for my graduation from Six Sigma since I luckily got passed as a Green Belter. Yay! Also, Gee is an Honor Student! Somehow, we've been productive when we went away from blogging and we miss this. Finally, we touched the keyboard and let the other career grow. WE'RE BACK in blogging! 

Till' next post!

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