How to Survive Winter: Japan

January 15, 2018 Japan

Last December, our family had our holiday vacation in Japan. Since we come from a tropical country, it was really a chilly experience, even though we wore layers of clothes. Winter in Japan is different compared to when we experienced winter in Hong Kong. It is a lot more colder in Japan. It's not that sweater weather cold, but it was a thousand-layers-of-heat-tech-weather. It may sound overly exaggerated but knowing that we come from a country that doesn't have winter, it really was freezing.

Japan during the winter is really beautiful. It's not even tiring when you'd travel since it's not humid. Unfortunately, we weren't able to experience snowfall when we were there. Nonetheless, it was still very cold. Enjoying our stay during the winter time is quite difficult, for we had to adjust to the weather situation. Luckily, we were all well prepared on battling the cold weather and here are ways on how to enjoy your stay in Japan in spite the chilly days.

1. Wear HEAT TECH Clothes.

Wearing heat tech clothes as your inner clothes is really of great help during the winter. The ones in Uniqlo and Columbia did a great job on keeping us warm and retaining the heat of our body. So if you plan to travel during the winter, investing on good quality heat tech clothes is a very good deal, and it makes your stay even better.

2. Layer your clothes.

Having only one shirt or sweater wouldn't do you good, especially if you're coming from a tropical country. We even wore heat tech leggings before wearing our jeans. Layering your clothes would really help you stay warm and it doesn't matter if it feels heavy since touring with a lot of layers wouldn't disturb you much due to the cold weather. It's much better to be wearing a lot of clothes than  not enjoying your stay because of the frosty atmosphere.

3. Wear wind-proof jackets.

The wind makes the weather colder than it really is and the best way to combat the wind is to wear wind-breaker jackets. Wearing these kind of jackets would avoid the wind from freezing your entire body. It is really useful especially during the evening since it's even more chilly outside. The jacket's in Columbia helped in staying warm, since it was thermal and, wind and waterproof. especially when we went to the ski resort where we experienced a very cold weather. It did great on combatting the chilly afternoon and we were able to enjoy our snow experience in Gala.

4. Use gloves, earmuffs and scarves and beanies.

Being out on a cold weather makes your hands and ears feel like they're about to fall off and to avoid this is to wear gloves, earmuffs, scarves and beanies. Even if these clothing are faux fur,  it really helps on keeping your body warm. There are heat teach scarves in Uniqlo that could really keep you warm and it did help us stay heated. Windproof and/or heat tech gloves work as well on keeping your hands warm and not be fingersicles.

5. Wear thermal socks or thermal shoes.

Walking during the winter makes your feet really uncomfortable. It would feel like there isn't blood flowing in your feet. There are also heat tech socks found in Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer that really makes your feet warm and comfortable during your stay.

Our holidays were really enjoyed and well spent, all thanks to Uniqlo and Columbia for keeping us warm during our stay.

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