March 17, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Flying above the sky could be irritating and tiring especially traveling 4-5 hours . Comfy is the key. Knowing Japan has different weather from the Philippines and I've searched comfy clothes to put on to avoid exhaustion or should I say the haggard-oily feeling.

For me, it's really a hard time to look for a legit Travel Agency as I have heard from the news that there are plenty of Tour Package Scams and Fake Travel Agencies. So I really have to search a lot about the destination that I will be going to and travel in a budget. So if you want to travel in a budget and a first-time traveler, here are my tips:

1. Search the weather first from the destination or the country to know the exact outfits to wear.
2. Research the places that you will visit and their fees; like their Entrance fees.
3. Research the right transportation to get you where you want to be.
4. Use a Map to estimate your time and budget your money.
5. Book the nearest place to stay and just within the Tourist Spots you'll visit. When booking the place to stay,  I would recommend to use AirBnb or HotelQuickly Applications.
4. Take note all of it and make your own itinerary.

'Till next post!

Heat-tech Turtle Neck -Uniqlo
Heat-tech Leggings (inside the pants) - Uniqlo
 Leather Jacket- Uniqlo;  
Gloves- Terranova; 
Shoes; Columbia

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