May 29, 2018 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Unbelievable 100k.  

I started to blog since 2015. I am busy with BPO industry and Gee got no plans yet of drafting a blog. It was really a challenge back then as I am new to blogging industry; got no idea what to do. I have few questions in my mind on how to collaborate with other blogswhat will I do to be invited in the event, where to get those wonderful blogging layouts? Those are the questions that challenged me and got no answers.

I encouraged Gee to collaborate with me in this blog and we worked so hard and decided to attend in a Blogging Community that really helped us hone our writing or blogging skills. They are really open to questions and gave us answers and tips to enhance our writing skills and help us reach the brands that we want to work with. 

For us, this is not an ordinary writing as we want to influence others by giving tips, points or discuss important matters that matches to your category, lifestyle or maybe we can call it "Preference".

Months have passed, we received invites from different brands. We were so happy to work with our first brand that we already loved before we started blogging. From the invitation, we received also plenty of PR products and Goodies that made us love our job; to post more blogs. Lol ;)

Posting more blogs are sometimes challenging for us during our first year of blogging. However, since we travel a lot with our families, we made it as an advantage to post a blog. Until, it became our passion.

Up to this date, we still couldn't imagine how we passed through challenges. We made this photoshoot as a little celebration on what we have reached from blogging. This is a little celebration that Gee and I ate 3 boxes of Pizza. Haha! We are starving after the shoot!

Looking from our blog, from what we have achieved, from the brands that reposted our Instagram posts and tweets, from the numbers of people who read or even just viewed our blog, WE ARE SO THANKFUL. We know that this is not yet the top most part of the blogging career and this is just the beginning. 

It is also true that there is no need to invest a lot to start a blog; but to invest time to create sensible content to satisfy a reader.

We humbly say Thank You to you and to the other readers that made the Unbelievable 100K visits and read our blog and you are included from this humble beginnings and to our new journey to success!
 'til next post!


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